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Hemorrhoids cause itching, burning, swelling or pain.Itching may be present due to swelling and irritation produced by the hemorrhoids.Bleeding from the anus is more common with internal than external hemorrhoids. It can occur before, during, or after defecation.Protrusion of the hemorrhoids from the anus occurs frequently. This usually occurs after defecation, prolonged standing, or unusual physical exertion.If bleeding is profuse patient may have anemia.The inflammation of veins around the rectum is termed as piles. The clinical termed used for piles is Hemorrhoids. The blood vessels around the anus area get swollen an enlarged due to piles. The symptoms of this disease are bleeding at the time of bowel movement, pain and itching. The person suffering from this disease experiences a painful bowel movement.
The major causes for piles are the intake of excessive spices in diet, constipation, increased blood flow during pregnancy, diet which is low in fiber and occupation involving heavy weight lifting. People of all ages are attacked by this disease. However, it is very common in pregnant women. Though various treatments are available for piles, but for the people who prefer herbal treatment over medication, few herbal remedies for piles are discussed here. Roughage is considered to be a vital part of our diet, hence our food should include substance with good amount of fiber. Apart from helping metabolic functions, it helps in constipation as well as in piles. White Radish is the best treatment for piles. Increase the intake of while radish in you food. You can also take juice of white radish. White radish mixed with honey is considered to be the best treatment for piles. If you observe high bleeding, you can take dry figs. Take about 5 dry figs, leave them in water for the night, take the figs and water in the morning while rising from the bed. This will help in reducing bleeding and pain and will cure the piles. If you observe swelling around the anus region, a paste of radish with milk should be applied. This reduces the pain and swelling of the anus region. Avoid taking too much spices in your food. Keep your body well hydrated and drink more than 3 liters of water per day. Avoid oil and fatty food and eat fresh foods and vegetables. Mango seeds are also very help in piles. Powdered mango seeds mixed with honey when taken twice a day, gives great relief from swelling pain and itching. You can also take radish juice mixed with salt twice a day.
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